PESONA Card Design Software - Reactivation

PESONA Card Design Software - Reactivation

The software is licensed per PC. To re-use/transfer the same activation key, please follow the steps below or watch this step-by-step video.
Please note that the re-activations is allowed ONCE per year only. Subsequent reactivations will be chargeable at S$50/time.

Reactivation Steps

1) Please download the correct PESONA software for your printer  and install it into the new/formatted PC. 
PESONA 5.0.7815.24138 (click to download)
Compatible with Polaroid P100, Polaroid P800 (USB), Polaroid P200, Polaroid P900, 
Zebra ZC300, Zebra ZXP3/ZXP7/ZXP8/ZXP9, Nisca PR C101 & Nisca PR C201 
PESONA 4.0.5504.26497 (click to download)
Compatible with Polaroid P800 (Ethernet) & P7500S 

2)  Please ensure that your PC/laptop is not connected to the internet before opening the PESONA software.

3)  In PESONA, click Help and choose Activate Product.

4)  The software will request for your activation key (which can be found on your delivery order/invoice).

5) Please enter or copy & paste the key into the field. And click Continue.

6)  The software will now determine that you’re not connected to the internet and will display the following message:

7) Click Yes and save the inactivated LIC file created on your desktop.

8) Then, email the following to  
  • Inactivated LIC file 
  • Activation key (which can be found on your delivery order/invoice)
  • OS of your PC/laptop 

9) We will then process your request and email you the activated CDM file within 2 working days.

10) Once you have received the CDM file from us, please save it on your desktop and open up the PESONA software.   

11) In PESONA, click Help and choose Register Offline which will prompt you to choose a file.

12) Please select the activated CDM file that we’ve provided you, to complete the process.
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